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animal Names: munchichi

Munchichi is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Munchichi? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Its actually kinda a double story how i met Munchichi.
I was going to the Target to get my older cat some Purina when i happened into the lawn and garden area. I knew that sound right away, it was a cat crying continuously. I asked the employees(a few of them i know) outside who's cat it was and where was it. They said "what cat?"
Right then and there i was on a mission. Apparently the employees thought it was a baby crying all day. I found him underneath the soda refrigerator. It took awhile to get him out, but when we did, i wasn't sure about his condition. I thought he might be rabid!
The lawn and garden employee took a break from his job and strolled around the store with Chi underneath his neck. Chia calmed down after awhile. I was busy shopping for my newly found friend when a woman and a teenage girl came over to the clerk and asked if they could have the kitten. "No way!" I thought. I found him, i got him out, i'm buying treats for the baby and he's mine!
So i took the kitten home and he ate alot of food. 3 cans of Fancy Feast! So i named him Munchichi. Chi, Chia, Cheech, Chiasso for short.
Two weeks later when he was just starting to adjust to the house, he got really sick. Not wanting to move, eat, drink or potty type of sick. He screamed everytime i picked him up.
So i took him to Dr. Mitchell right around the corner from the house. I'm sorry to say i had no idea what was wrong with him, regardless, he still needed shots and such.
I was shopping at Target for Chi when i got a call from Dr. Mitchell telling me he knew what was wrong with Chi. He had a maggot eating through his esophagus! What?! I know.
Apparently, while him and his team were living around the railroad tracks at Target, they were nesting in the Hummous(poop). The Dr. said he removed the nasty creature and gave Chi plenty of fluids. I spent $300 on that cat that day, after that, he's pretty much a member of the family.
Since then, he's been the sweetest, most adorable, cuddly piece of cuteness i could ever ask for. He welcomes everyone, he's very sociable, very active, loooves to eat, sleep with mommy, he likes other cats, he likes other dogs, but has learned how to catch himself a bird very easily.
More than anything, Munchichi is cute as hell!