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animal Names: nana+muerte

Nana+muerte is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Nana Muerte

Nana's Story:
Nana Muerte is the most spitfire and sweet cat I've ever seen. I do wonder why she became a cat that was abandoned. My boyfriend found her in North Philly, on-top of a fence that was being shaken by children across from his house. After rescuing her he had no room for her so I told him I'd gladly take her and she's never stopped thanking me since. Nana makes me smile everyday, she's simply my sunshine. She is just so friendly and playful, I was blessed the day she came into my life.
My name is Nana. I live to play catch with my stuffed lamb, Nom on socks, bother my sister Zipper and running wildly into the kitchen so I can slid across the floor. My mommies name is Tiffy Pop and my daddies name is Joeske, Mommy is a photographer who calls me her greatest muse and my daddy is working on becoming a professorial wrestler. I'm a cuddle monster at heart so let's be friends!