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animal Names: nani

Nani is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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German Shepherd

Hello! My name is Nani my nickname is Nana, i got stolen 1yr ago on March 31, 2009. I know my owner misses me so much and my mate Jack. I love to play alot and i get along with every animal! LITERALLY. I love to play with birds the most, im very cheerful and wild, i love my master very much, we were best friends i was always there for her when she was sick i would never leave her bed till she got better and even then i was with her. I love eating thou hehe there wasn't a type of food i didnt like but the funny thing is that my fav food was sushi just like my owners!!!! I am well trained i think hehe. I love to go on walks too, i never gave my owner any problems in walking, i am very protective of my owner and her family but i would also never hurt a soul unless if they hurt my owner. But if you see a dog that looks like me please notify my owner. Because i am lost and stolen!

Yorkshire Terrier