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animal Names: nausicaa

Nausicaa is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hi I'm Nausicaa!! I'm a baby dwarf lionhead bunny who my mommy really didn't need, but I stole her heart, and I think you can see why! I steal lots of things in fact, especially if you leave a bowl of green beans or corn unattended even for a split second. You can bet you'll turn back around to find me with my face planted firmly in them! I live with two cats who I just love to chase around the apartment. You may think that a cat would try to attack a rabbit who is only 3 lbs full grown, and mostly just fluff, but boy would you be wrong! I spend my nights and the hours that mommy and daddy aren't home in my cage where I enjoy tearing up cardboard, grass matts and alfalfa cubes, and my time out getting into anything I can. I also like to grunt and chase my daddy when he's loud, and he laughs but I'm sure I'm super scary when I do it!