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animal Names: ned

Ned is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Ned? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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My name is NED short for (arachnid). I'm a "Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula" My owner's aren't sure of my sex, & neither were the pet shop owner's they bought me from. They won't know until i molt. I'm as gentle & sweet as a kitten. IN FACT my adopted mom was/STILL is terrified of spider's, but she decided to get over that fear with me, & impulsively decided to hold me & get it over with. & Now she loves me SO much!! In my profile pics you can see mommy letting me walk on her hand. I do ALOT of sleeping on in my free time.


Ned is the best cat ever. He's a huge love, but kicks ass when he needs to. :) The cutest thing right now is that he totally loves our new kitty, Williams (see roommates). Otherwise, he's a pretty simple guy. He wants to chill for a few hours every day, see his people, play with his other pal Winston a little, and imbibe on some catnip. He is simply the most grateful animal I have ever had; probably because my girlfriend rescued him a few years ago, but still. What a catch :)

Yorkshire Terrier

Ned is just 6 month younger than George. Ned is a protector and lover. He stands by when we are busy in case we need him. He has always protected George and when she didn't feel well, he would check on her every now and then just to make sure she was alright. At 4.5 lbs., he is small but fierce. Ned is Spencer's sire. He fathered 3 litters of beautiful yorkies.