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animal Names: neek

Neek is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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We had Tink a deaf light silver male (5/06-1/09) and Bell a female sable. We learned that ferrets can bond and when they loose a cage mate can go into a depression and die. So we decided it would be better to have three so if one died they would have a friend to comfort them.
One day we went into a pet store and saw a pretty cinnamon boy. When I held him he gave me kisses and i knew i had to take him home.
Neek has always been a bit more laid back than the others.He has never been a digger like most ferrets. He has never been a climber or a jumper. With Tink and Bell we thought ferrets did not know fear, Neek is not fearful but much more skittish. Neek is a big boy we knew he was a big but we didn't realize how big he would be. Neek now weighs an average of 3lbs. He is a very sweet big boy who loves his peanut butter yogies and tummy rubs. He is the only one who knows his name and will respond to it and often come when he is called.