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animal Names: next+friday

Next+friday is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Next Friday
Golden Retriever

(June, 2009) Many of my Cute-as-Hell-mates have been asking the story of my name... to begin with, I got sprung from the 'pound by a rescue Samaritan and taken to my foster home on Good Friday... they thought I was a good dog, so called me after the day. A couple days later, I met That Girl and her family - they had a talk and decided to adopt me right away! The day that was set up for me arrive at my new home was... you guessed it... the following Friday. Somebody joked that I went so fast, they should have called me Next Friday, instead. I arrived at that most hectic time of day, after school, after work - Afternoon! That's the story, folks - the name just stuck.

(May, 2009) Hello, my name is Friday... well, Next Friday Afternoon, but just Friday for short. I recently moved to a new home from a golden retriever rescue - about a month ago now - and before that, from a county shelter. As you can see, I am really enjoying living close to the ocean. It is going to take me a while to get used to the rest of it, but I am happy and safe, and plan to stay that way! My dream is to teach That Girl, the one who feeds me, to ride a bike so I can RUN...