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animal Names: nibbles

Nibbles is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Very sweet I have had him since christmas. He showed up on my driveway wet cold and hungry I brought him in and now have had him for 6 years I love him very much and wouldn't trade him for the world.

Cocker Spaniel

hi my name is Nibbles i got that name cause i love to try and nibble on my mom hourse ankles the hours hated it always had a fit when i came out side but any way my mom step dad bough me for my mom when she was down in the dumps and need a true friend that is me a pure bred Cocker Spaniel black and chocolate in my blood and it CUTE but i am my mom best friend till this day
she was and always will be my best friend she was my baby girl and she was so beautiful it was just she and i years living together i will never forget how wounderful she made me feel when i was with her she was the best rest in peace nibbles my baby girl mommy has to stop writing about u now before i break down more than i am right now i love u so much
R.I.P my baby girl i love you
i got hit by a car when i was 7 yearsold about 3 years ago i had a short but good life i got hit when my mom was not home gma was not paying attention and i let my nose do the walking my mom was very very sad she still is she cry"S any time she see a pic of me. i was with my mom through out high school and 1 year in cholage. mom got me when i was a pupie. i was my mom save-your through her hard times her step dad bough me for her my mom always had dogs i am her massive fave even though i am not hear any more we spent ever day to gether when she came home from school or work we took walks all the time and played my mom took me every were
i am so glad mom has dasha still and now duke and bear she be lost with out her dogs she was lost for about a year and !/2 with out me its taking her a long time to get over it
mom loves dogs so much caus one her life and what happend and 2 they dont lie to you cheat on you stell form you and much more
i my lil girl feels so bad for leving me but i will she her agen she looking down on me waching me and with me every day still wating for me to come home to are house in heaven