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animal Names: nightmare

Nightmare is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Nightmare? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Domestic Longhair

I got my mothers fear of people. I am afraid of everyone but my mommy. I get bullied a lot by my cat family. I stopped growing when i was six weeks old. I am very tiny. I have a heart murmur. Nothing too bad though. I love when my mommy picks me up and flips me upside down. And when my mommy puts me on my leash, i fall asleep and she carry's me around like a hand bag by my harness :) I'll put a picture up of that soon! VOTE FOR ME!

Update for April 5 2009 Night:
Nightmare couldn't breathe well, couldn't stand up, couldn't eat, couldn't drink, couldn't...anything. So i took her to the Vet ER. They found out what's wrong with her. Unfortunately, it is not good. She has fluid in her lungs among other things. I got to pet her before i left and she isn't looking good. She is out cold so she can't feel the great amount of pain she was in before. They said most cats with what she has dies, but a few do live. They are going to call me at eight AM and tell me if she is doing ok or not. And if she is ok, i can go see her again. But it isn't looking good. Thank you for reading, thank you if you are one of the past people that has voted on this amazing cat, i will let you know if she gets back in my arms. No matter what, i love her and i always will.

Update for April 6 2009 Morning:
They called. She got the energy to stand up and take a few steps, which is good because she couldn't stand up before. She lost two pounds since March 5 (exactly a month from yesterday), which isn't good especially since that means she is back down to 4.1 pounds. She still can't eat or drink, so they have her on IV. They took the fluid our of her lungs, they said it is an infection and that they are running more tests, going to wait and see if the fluid comes back, take more xrays, and then i can go see my baby if she is still stable. I'll keep you posted.

Update for April 6 2009 Night:
I went to go see Nightmare. She went from being so hot she needed and ice pack, to so cold she needs a heat pack. She moved a tiny bit, just enough to snuggle into my hand that was already touching her anyway, she kinda twitched her feet and ears trying to move, nothing though. They did surgery on her, turns out she is missing a few parts she needs inside of there. They said that is a problem, but nothing that is what's wrong with her right now. They said they are going to get her better this time and then come back to that issue and fix it. So they are done for the night, they are going to do some more in the morning. And call me at eight AM again.

Update for April 7 2009 Morning:
She had a weird night. They had to drain her lungs twice. 120 CC and then 90 CC. But on the bright side, she got the strength to move again. A few steps, the same as last time. But, all the same that is good :) She is going in to Surgery around one to get tubes put in that constantly drain the fluid from her lungs and i can go see her around four. I'm excited :) I miss my baby being wrapped around my feet.

Emergency update:
Nightmare stopped breathing. They did CPR and got her breathing again and then she was taken into an emergency operation at 10 this morning and is still in that emergency operation.

Last update:
Nightmare died on the operating table. I won't be on for a while. Thank you. Bye.

Last update...ever:
This will, of course, be my last update on Nightmare's profile. I got her cremated. The two new pictures are of her urn and it's surroundings. I debated putting the pictures i had taken of her right before she got sick up, but i decided against that. You can check the other animals pages for pictures and updates on how they are doing with out her. Thank you for all of your votes, concerns, prays and positive thoughts. I too, am glad she stopped suffering, i just wish that didn't have to include the whole dying part.