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animal Names: nikita

Nikita is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Hi everyone, I am Nikita. My mommy adopted me when I was six months old from a family in Old Saybrook. They named me Nikita because I was born on my previous families daughter Nicole's birthday. But my new Mommy liked the name so it stuck. When my Mommy came to see me, she was holding me and knew immediatly that I was going home with her. It took a couple days for me to get used to my new brother and sister, Boo and Bandit. But I finally came out of my shell so to speak, and we play and cuddle now. I am a bit skittish at times, but I do love to snuggle and rub all over the furniture, my mommy's legs and hands, or I will just sit behind her head and lick her hair when she is in the big comfy chair.
We also live with a really nice pitbull/boxer mix named Roxy, She is pretty cool. She doesn't chase us or really bother us. We all like her.


My Sweet Sugar Glider : )