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animal Names: norl

Norl is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Birthday: July 5, 2007

Norl is deaf in his left ear (we finally figured out) but I taught him some sign language.

Norl's name comes from the movie Heavy Metal. Norl was Ard's bravest warrior. Norl wasn't responding to 'Nine' which I didn't care for anyway and didn't know he was deaf in one ear at the time so I changed it to Norl. He's quite happy with his name, it means food and love :P

I thought I smelled food! I came wandering up out of the woods in May 2008, starving and saw all these fat cats laying around sunning. This huge furless cat brought me some food, and more food, and more food, day after day, all the food I wanted! I guess he felt guilty about almost running over me in that big white box with round black feet. Anyway, I decided to stay after 2 months of all the food I could handle. I still get all the food I can handle! Oh, did I mention all the girls? Some like to play. Zif likes to play with me though, we wrestle and destroy the house nightly running around. hmmm... where's that food?

Norl will lick and rub his face on mine after brushing my teeth or with mints. Norl weighs 13 lbs.

2/6/09 Norl was neutered but not happy about it.

10/18/10 It only took 2 years but Norl will sleep on the bed and on me in the bed now.. usually about once a week, more in winter. I think he's adjusted well to domestic life :P

3/31/12 Norl has overcome his deafness and is hunting... daily... and I get to clean up the mess. Oh well, he's persevered!