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animal Names: norman

Norman is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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I am Norman. aka Norm Norms as my owner calls me. I find this odd. Actually, first name was Blue..

My owner got me through the Canadian Bloodhound Rescue.

My first owners were in their seventies. They saw cute little puppy-sized me at "Pets R Us" and thought I was adorable. Was a breed that will grow to be 100 lbs+, and is renowned for being hard to train an appropriate choice for an elderly couple? No, Not at all. Did the pet store hesitate in sending me to an unsuitable home? Nope.

So of course I grew. And turned into an unruly teenager. And I became too much.

So a nice lady from the Canadian Bloodhound Assosciation picked me up and took me for a farm for a month. Then I went on an airplane from Montreal all way to Manitoba to live with Ashley and Shaun. And all the other pets!

I was very skinny, emaciated even when I arrived. and not housebroken either. But one year later I have put one 40 lbs and am starting to learn my manners! Or so I'm told.