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animal Names: nunu

Nunu is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Russian Blue

My grandma told the vet my name is Nadia, but gud luck trying to git me to come to that! My Muhmuh said I've got to be Nunu, or Noonie for xtra-tootness. :) I always come when muhm is callin, and when I fink I is too alone, I call fer her sumtimes.

My fur is blue, silvery and very soft. I has emerald green eyes. My muhm's frend sed I look majestic in the sunlight. :) I gained sum pudge since muh yunger pikturs, sumtimes my muhm calls me little chunk munkey!!

I love attention, runnin' around my house, and playing with my sister Puff and brother Baby. I always let my hoomans know our water needs filled by sittin on the counter near teh sink. This made me see how much I looove drinkin water straight from teh faucet and now I git to do it almost evry day.

I has two places where I am uzually relaxin. - on teh kitchen table and on a chair in teh livin room. Sumtimes I go under teh tables, or on the balcony. Sumtimes I git to lay on the roof of our mudroom but mostly I stay downstairs so I can watch over everything. It's MY house and I is vurry tarytoryal.

Egyptian Mau