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animal Names: obie

Obie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hi - my name is Obie, I'm a very curious, Yellow Naped Amazon, I love to talk and play with my toys all day, Also like to torment my fellow roomates, Emmie, Misty and Katie, ( boxers ) . Tho my roomates think of me as a animated chew toy.....they haven't caught me yet...I can fly...ha ha. I am very crafty too, I figured out how to open the snack door on my cage when I'm outside of it and also like to sneak a bit of food off my momma's plate when she is not looking...LOL...I don't like when momma trys to give me a bath...I'm a big boy, I can bath myself, thank you - so I spend the morning playing in my water dish.......note to momma.....get me a bigger water dish...LOL :)