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animal Names: oksana

Oksana is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Domestic Shorthair

When Vlad was a kitten, I’d started reading as much as I could about being a good pet parent. I realized Vlad might benefit from having a little friend to play with while I was gone most of the day at work. At his second vaccination appointment, I asked the vet if she thought it would be a good idea to get him a playmate. She smiled and told me it was a great idea, “it just so happens we have kittens in the back!” There is a certain element of fate in my finding all of my cats, and this was another instance. I left Vlad with the assistant and walked with the doctor to the back. I looked into a cage with three kittens. Two black and white, and one all black. The two black and white ones completely ignored me, but the black one, was sitting in the corner of the cage, and did not take her eyes off of me. She was so small, much smaller than her siblings. I said I wasn’t sure what to do. I’d only had Vlad a short time, and I had so little clue how to care for him. I also wasn’t sure if I could afford two cats. I left, not knowing what to do. The next day, I kept thinking about that little black kitty, that could not take it’s eyes off of me. So, during lunchtime, I left work, and drove back to the clinic. I asked to see the kittens one more time and they took me back again. Once again, the other two ignored me and the black one stared at me. I looked at this sweet little kitten and told the girl I wanted the black one. She took the kitty out and told me it was a girl. It didn’t matter to me, since I was going to spay her and neuter Vlad. I held her for a bit and promised to return for her. Three weeks later, they released her to me and I brought her home. Oksana is a very fussy girl. She loves to be petted, but only when she feels like it, which is much of the time around 4:00 am. She’s a small cat, and very royal looking. I sometimes see Siamese features in the shape of her face. Vlad loves to annoy her, but my little miss lets him know he can’t boss her around. I adore her.