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animal Names: patchez

Patchez is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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American Shorthair

She's a sweet kitty who came from an abusive household. It took years for her to warm up to me, but now she's as sweet as can be.

American Shorthair

When I was about 3 months old, my (four-legged) mom and I were hit by a car. Unfortunately, she didn't make it and I ended up with a broken leg. It was raining, at the time, and I was really cold, wet, scared and lonely. It was then that my forever Mom took me in, and nursed me back to health, now I'm a fat, happy and healthy cat. My sister Cricket and I have a pretty cushy life. We are warm, well fed and greatly loved. It's hard sometimes, for a macho guy like me, to "put up" with all of those kisses and hugs I get from Mom, but I guess I can "deal" with that mushy stuff, after all, I owe her that. And to be purrrfectly honest, I really don't even mind it all that much (just don't tell Mom that).

Likes: FOOD, napping in the sun, FOOD, chasing my sister Cricket, FOOD, napping on my blankie, FOOD. Purrrrr
Dislikes: Dieting, baths, getting nails trimmed, getting brushed, being held, kissed or hugged, the word "NO", and did I mention DIETING?!!!!!

Oh, Mom said if any of you Pet parents would like to be Facebook friends with her-just let Cricket or me know and she'll give ya her name-so you can friend each other.