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animal Names: pax

Pax is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Border Collie

I was introduced to mommy and daddy when I was 6 weeks old. I terrorized my big brother who was a Golden Retriever. I was small back then, but I liked to pull his tail. My big sis was a Golden Retriever too. She was like my doggy mommy. Both of them passed away.
I got a new brother in 2006. He looks like me but is smaller.
I love blueberry muffins for a snack. I like to go on walks and play fetch. I love to play with toys that squeak. Going to the doggy park is my favorite thing to do.

American Shorthair

im pax. i like to bark (yes, bark, not meow) at the birds outside my windows. i just wanna eat em! i like to lie on the floor on my back and sleep with all my paws up. im friendly and i love kids, always waiting for them to come home right by the door! i like to shed a lot too! :P