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animal Names: peatros

Peatros is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Shepard mix

Hi fellow furry friends, my name is Peatros! I am named after Greek photographer, Petros Giannakouris with the AP. I also go by Peaty, Pete, the P Man and Peatro P Man Diddy. My favorite things in life are a fresh towel to carry around the house, snacks not snakes, sheets on my bed that have been laundered with fabric softener that has a fresh smell, and a big tree that I like to do my business at everyday.

My life started in a wear house district. On the streets by my lonesome, a kind lady took me in, her name is Arlene. My name back then was Lock Nut. Don't ask, let's just put it this way, I was lucky with the ladies until I was cut short. Anyway, Arlene...whoops more to come, got go out to my favorite tree. Be right back!!!