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animal Names: peneloppe

Peneloppe is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Peneloppe? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Maine Coon

My daddy called me Penelope Pit Stop because when Smokey gets around me I cry for help but sometimes put myself in that situation by trying to bug him and get him in trouble hehehehehe. So like the cartoon the wacky races he named me Penelope.My original name was Ginger I was adopted from the shelter in Conneticut as a returned cat recently adopted from another family. For some reason they gave me back up. Then mommy came in to look at the animals and then she spotted me in the cage.I was a nervous cat so the Initial meeting them didn't go the way mommy wanted but she adopted me anyways. Being locked up in a cage around other cats all day made me kind of a nervous girl.Once mommie got me home from the Adoption place she gave me lots of attention for a while and eventually I got back to normal. So now with big brother around it's not so bad but I still don't like to be bothered too much by my brother and sister although they sometimes try to get in my hair then I call out for mommie and daddy and they come to the rescue just like penelope in the wacky races lol