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animal Names: pepopo

Pepopo is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Pepopo? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Pepopo Woodbridge Greer came, unplanned, into our lives and with him he brought a love and happiness we had never expected. He was a wonderful addition to our new household from the very beginning, being very affectionate and playful his first day here. We soon got to know each other and fell into a routine. Games, mischief, laughter, and sadly... bathtime.

Pepopo enjoys kitty mints, feather toys, and his ball. He also likes climbing up on the back door to annoy the dog, running and jumping on our heads in the middle of the night, play-biting, and his daddie's special home cooked kitty meals (hot dogs and pasta sauce)

He spends his time running around the house. Messing up his daddie's chess pieces, and sleeping at the highest heights he can manage to climb to.

When company comes over, he gets extremely shy and runs to hide in the bedroom. But as soon as he knows they're gone, he's back to his hyper self.

He's not always hyper. Sometimes he'll join his mama for a nap, curling up on her back or beside her. He gets plenty of naps, one's gotta be rested to do the amount of running, jumping, and climbing that 'Po' is used to.

He sometimes gets into trouble... like when he meows so that he's sure we're looking at him, and then nonchalantly knocks every item on the dresser, one by one, onto the ground. Or the time he managed to get into the lizard tank and almost gave poor Velocir a heart attack. Or when he broke the lamp because it happened to be in the exact place where he just NEEDED to nap that day. But he's always sure to apologize with head-rubs and cuddles, so we can never stay mad at him for long.

He's a real character, and a true blessing. A loved and cherished member of our family. :) We look forward to many more years with our baby Kitty.