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animal Names: phat+ninjuh

Phat+ninjuh is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Phat Ninjuh
Shar Pei

Phat Ninjuh is a healthy Shar Pei mix. We are under the assumption she may be part German Shepherd, but she also has some prominent Boxer about her. She's a lover, maybe to extremes, and unfortunately has some separation anxiety. For example, when my mom or boyfriend leaves the house she will either mope around or stare out the window, waiting expectantly for their return. Upon arrival, she goes into a frenzy, getting super vocal. She's silly, playful, and very very protective. She's smart in the fact that she picks up on our emotions so quickly, it's almost scary. Ninjuh is, and hopefully will be, a healthy member of our family for many years to come.