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animal Names: pixel

Pixel is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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My husband adopted her as a stray kitten back when we were in highschool. His step-sister was the one who found her. She was a tiny thing back then that could leap several feet into the air. It was the highest I'd ever seen a cat jump and do flips.

As made obvious in these pictures of her, she's not a tiny thing anymore. She's massive. And yes, it is fat. When we brought home the kittens she got more active and we actually thought she had lost some weight, but the vet told us that she had actually gained two pounds! We were at a loss for words. She doesn't eat much, even so, we manage her diet. She plays with the other cats, and believe it or not she can dart like a flash when she wants to. Her weight is of obvious concern. 2 pounds of weight to a cat is the equivalent of 20 pounds for a humban being. We want her to live as long as possible without major health problems. So, right now we're trying a weight loss diet, we'll see if she losses some weight.