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animal Names: pokie

Pokie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hello, my name is Poquita (Spanish for small or little) but everyone calls me Pokie cuz its easier to pronounce lol. I live in GA USA with my human guardians, AKA: my mama and dad! I also live with 2 cats Samson & Callie. Sam and I are great friends but we dont care much for Callie, well Sam tolerates her but I just cant stand her! Shes always getting me into trouble or hissing at me! Dang cat! Oh there's also my big sis Yozuri (Yozie for short) the chocolate Lad, she hangs out out side mostly so I dont get to play w/ her much, but when I do look out! We have the best time running around in the yard and she always knows where the best mud puddles are hehehe. Then there's the "outside kitties" as mama calls um.. The oldest is Snot, shes the mama of the group and another good friend of mine. She has 2 kittens.. Moko & Bugger. I know crazy names but thats what dad named um, lol. The last kitty in the bunch is Bolt! Hes a young teenage crazy tom cat, all white w/ a bright orange tail, thus the name Bolt. They are all really nice out side cats that work on our farm keeping the mice away from the chick feed. Oh yeah did I mention I live on a really big farm? My mom and dad raise fancy farm birds such as chickens, peacocks, turkeys, and ducks... its totally cool.. well it was until I got attacked by a tiny rooster a few months back. Since then I haven't gone back to the chicken pens with dad, those chickens are crazy! I like to do lots of stuff too like sit on the couch and watch anima with mama on her laptop, chew on my dingo meaty bones, chase the ball around the house, and dance.. oh I love to dance!! Anyway, have any Q's about me or my family feel free to ask!