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animal Names: pompon

Pompon is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Turkish Angora

I adopted Pompon 5 years ago at the "FAA" "Animal Assistance Fund" (litt.) exhibition where all cats and dogs where brought to a great hall to be adopted. Kind of gloomy... and I all wanted was a little kitty ! But as I standed in front of poor Pompon's cage, I slipped my fingers inside to pet him on his sweet face and he responded by pressing hard his beautiful head on my hand. My decision was made : about 1 hour later, I came back home with this old 8 year-old boy ! Shy and all scared, Pompon took several weeks to get along with me !
Pompon - I call him Matou (Tomcat in French) - is a sweet big piece of cat, kind of noisy (always meows et sometimes snoring !). He's just my big fluffy toy !

About his name Pompon ('pompom' or 'bobble' in English), I first wanted to change it as I thought "Pompon" is a rather ridiculous name and just call him 'Matou' or 'mon beau chat'. But as soon as Pompon started to feel secure at home, he played and ended by eating completely my pilows' pompoms !! As if to make me understand that there must be only ONE pompom in this house : HIM ! And not those ridiculous bobbles hanging from my pillows!! Too funny, so I kept his name !

His last adventure happened on July 2010 : Pompon fell down from my balcony ! No injuries but he disappeared for more than 2 months !!!!! I was so sad although the fact that many of my neighbours saw him hanging around. I started to really doubt about him being alive and had almost decided to adopt a new cat in 2011 when this little monster came back an evening of September !!! No need to say that I was sooooo exited and happy to see him back ! But the most surprising thing is the fact that, apparently, Pompon has been adopted during this time out as he was all clean and "shaved" (see picture 15 : you will see that his fur is short !!!) I don't know who they are but I just want to thank the good people who took care of my runaway tom !!!!!
One good thing about Pompon last "escapade" (it was the 4th time he escaped) is that he's much more cuddly since his return ! For instance, he now sleeps in my bed, and with me (which he never did before).