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animal Names: pumba

Pumba is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Pumba? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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The cutest guy in the world


Hi i am Blue eyes and i always love to get in trouble miaww , i also enjoy going underneath the sheets and hide :) .. I feel special when my family take me picts then when my friends and family look at my pictures they always say she looks CUTE AS HELL!! miawww


Hi, I am Pumba. Living at my house sure isn't easy. I have two brothers who are both dogs!! Try to get anything to eat around here, geez! Oh, by the way, I am 19 lbs.!! I am diabetic. I have to get two shots of insulin a day. I like to eat and sleep and bat my brother Goofy in the face. We have a love-hate relationship. When it is nice outside my favorite place to sleep is in a window sill with the window open. (Of course) I also like watching all the birds from there. My family is not sure of my exact birth date because they adopted me from a shelter, but the shelter said I was about 2 when they got me. That's my story.