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animal Names: randy

Randy is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Randy? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Domestic Shorthair

Randy is a sweet, laid back and loving dog. He loves to lick your face, clean out your ears, loves people and other dogs. Who needs makeup remover when you have Randy around!! LOL Randy doesn't know the difference between a poodle and a bullmastiff. He loves to play and chase all kinds of dogs, it's soo cute!! He loves to run, when he goes to the dog park and that gate opens, he's like a bullet and runs all over the place. He has a girlfriend, Loulu and they are soo in love. It's unbelievable just watching them. They kiss all of the time. It's adorable when I catch the moment, especially with my camera. They also love to sleep next to eachother, walk next to eachother and look out the front glass door next to eachother. Randy enjoys taking walks, peeing on every tree or pole, sitting in the front window and sitting on the desk in our computer room. He jumps onto the chair and helps himself to a spot on the desk. For some reason, both Randy and Loulu love to clean out your nostrils, I am not sure if it' s a Yorkipoo thing or not but it's quite amusing!!
Randy was named after his Mommy's Dad, who was born on the same day, February 19th!! My Dad was soo excited to have a dog named after him...hahahaha