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animal Names: ransom

Ransom is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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hi my name is Ransom,
My three favorite things in the world are food, sleeping and sleeping in boxes or baskets that are too small for me. sometimes i eat breakfast at home and then i go to the nieghbors' houses that have cats and i eat there as well. i love being pet and i'll let you pet my paws and tummy even if you're a total strangers.i'm totally cool with anything. i look so cute when i get frighten and my eyes go twice thier size. every time you flush the toilet i pput my paws on the toilet seat and i look in the toilet with amazement. i like to play and i'm quit strange!!! i also go on walks with my owners but i sneak along with them soo huckleberry doesn't see me and so i can pretend i'm a spy!!!!

bye hehe