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animal Names: reba

Reba is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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very loud and energetic

Airedale Terrier

Well if Tinker and Gizmo did this I guess I had to do it also.


Reba is Oliver's sister. She was abandoned at about a week old and bottle raised by Arin at the Northwest Animal Rescue. She and he brother were the best friends ever! They loved to play inthe snow and rain and humg out all the time. When Ollie suddenly passed away in October she was very sad. She's still not 100% but now she has a little brother, Opie who follows her around and wants to be a big kitty. She is putting up with him and hopfully one day will show him the ropes. Of course there was only one Ollie -- never to be replaced or forgotten. RIP you big good orange kitty.