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animal Names: rebecca

Rebecca is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Yorkshire Terrier



My name is Rebecca. I was rescued in Mexico by my first mom, named Jamie, who was living in Mexico at the time. I was first saved by 2 nice ladies from a lab that does experiments. I also was hit by a car & have a broken pelvis, but that doesn't stop me from running, running, running. Jamie brought me to the US to her mom, who now takes care of me. We have a big yard, so I love to run. I couldn't run in Mexico & that's how I got hurt. I'm fine now.
Cooper is my adopted sibling & I love him. He didn't like me at first because all I wanted to do was kiss him & he was the boss of the house. It didn't take long for his heart to melt towards me (I'm so irrisistable) & now he loves me as well.
There are so many dogs running the streets in Mexico so I am so called that Jamie brought me to the US. My first time flying I was scared, but Jamie kept me under her seat & kept talking to me in a soothe voice. I still love her & get excited when she comes to visit.
Cooper & I both sleep in bed with my human mommy. She is so good to us & we both lover her.
Once my mom figures out how to post all these pics, she will post them.