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animal Names: rehomed+brisk

Rehomed+brisk is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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rehomed Brisk

Name Brisk Oscar
D.O.B May 7th 2001
astrology sign Taurus Snake
weighs 14.4lbs
siblings None

rehomed may 3rd 2014

I was shaved by the last hour if it wasn't for my humans today I would be in heaven because the other people that had me was abusive mean made me breed all the time and thy was going to put me down and that was on April 29th 2008 the same day thy was going to put me down these lovely people came by and saved me you wonder how thy find out about me thy was taking there kitty to the vet one day saw me on the wall it said dog needs new home and blah blah it said last day to adopt him was April 29th date to be put down and that was the same day thy grabbed me by the last hour thy asked how much longer can we get him the vets said in one hour he is going to be put down and thy couldn't see that happening so here I am loving wants love loves walks of course and being scared of the cats<don't ask why I don't know why .and being with these loving family thy will never do that to me:)

On May 9th 2011 I developed hip dysplasia thy took me in to get it checked out thy said I had it bad thy put me on pain killers for it and its helping my owner gives me it when i start to wobble or whine in pain, You can see how bad it was by watching my videos mommy uploaded.

In November 2011 mommy found special senior dog food started feeding me it and my hip dysplasia symptoms are slowly going away.

One year later Jun 3 2012 I hardly ever wobble or whine in pain i'm allot happier now since my pain is almost gone because of the meds and the special senior dog food because of the dog food I started taking less pain killers. Mommy is gonna upload a new video of me soon to show you guys i'm doing allot better.

Oh if you like Bucky Covington and if your owner as a facebook you can join this group only if you wan't too > <