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animal Names: rehomed+bumble

Rehomed+bumble is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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rehomed Bumble
Domestic Shorthair

Date of birth August 29th 2009. I'm a Virgo ox
full name Bumble Pop
weight 6.8lbs <gets weighed every Thursday

My name is Bumble Pop I was starving most of my life I look like i'm less than a year old cat but i'm actually born in 09 and I was vary shy I stayed away from people on jun 1st I got tired of starving so I went on these peoples porch and stayed there for 4 days because I knew there was other animals in there getting feed very day thy couldn't handle it any longer so thy bring me in side there house and feed me a can of cat food I was skin and bones than now i'm starting to gain wight I get feed 3 or 4 times a day how lucky :)) I don't get along with the other animals that much. I'm mad my humans moved me out of my room now I have to live with the dogs and the other 4 cats because Sorrel and Carnation need it because there babys and there mommy Spirit Cathrine gets it, will Spirit and sorrel and carnation is moved out of that room now sorrel found a new home and carnation whent missing the 3 baby kits had the room there for a while now there in a different room and now there are no cats in that room i want back in it but my mommy says no, I would have stayed in the room if I behaved but I didn't so i'm stuck up stairs grr . Oh and i'm not pregnant.

Oh if you like Bucky Covington and if your owner as a facebook you can join this group only if you wan't too > <