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animal Names: rescue

Rescue is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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My name is Rescue and I used to be the office cat at the shelter where my momma works. When I arrived (back in May of '06), I weighed under 5lbs and was so sick, they put my in a kennel in the dog room! They gave me food, water, and some medicine; they hoped for the best, but figured I wouldn't make it through the night. Imagine their surprise to see me up and about the next day. Turns out I had some other health issues besides a really bad cold and I was like 11-12 yrs old. Seeing as how no one wanted a senior, borderline diabetic, cat with liver issues and irritable bowels the shelter adopted me as their office cat.

In early 2010 the USDA said the shelter had to seal their floors so a huge undertaking was underway to get that done. Their was concern about my age and the fumes so my momma said she'd take me home. I heard them joke that since all I did was sleep, I wouldn't even notice I had left the shelter - my hearing is still good, people! Well, I LOVED being in a home. I was up and about, playing, talking - I don't know what came over me! Momma was really sad to bring me back, but I knew she had to, I was more depressed than I thought I would be too...

Well, there was more painting needed since they could only do a room at a time, so I went back home again - finally! This time momma and daddy seriously talked about keeping me, and everyone else at the shelter agreed (reluctantly).

Now I spend my days at home with Tucker, Gryffin, Jasper, Cheyenne, Sunny, Severus, and Blue! Actually Jasper and I are best friends. I love being in a home and love sleeping in front of the doorwall - I'll push my way up to the front and muscle anyone out of the way! Even though I am neutered I like to spend probably too much time humping all the toys in the house - I may be old, but I ain't dead! I also enjoying sleeping and eating and laying my fat self across your lap or on your chest to round out my hobbies.