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animal Names: rip*sebastian

Rip*sebastian is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Sebastain was my sister's cat and lived with us my first quarter of college then moved with her to North Carolina. He returned to me in 1995 after she was married and he and her husband did not get along. He was my other furry roomate in college and helped me raise Sisko. They were best friends. He used to ride on my horse saddle over the back seat of my jeep when we went back and forth from my parents house to school. He loved to ride in the car and look out the windows. When he was a kitten he was saved from drowning in the bath tub by my older cat at the time Cleo. He was a prince who thought to be petted or held by a human was the worst thing. If you petted or held him he would shove away from you, glare at you, then give himself a complete bath from head to tail while periodically glaring at you as if to say "how dare you put your dirty hands on me!" He was one of a kind. He was lost in an accident in 2001. Thanks for visiting.