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animal Names: rip+brandon

Rip+brandon is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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RIP Brandon
Domestic Shorthair

Name Brandon Tiger
April 1st 2004-May 18th 2014
astrology sign Aries Monkey
siblings ButterCup<RB

I was born on April 1st 2004 in a trailer with my 3 other siblings we rarely got feed and in sept 2004 my human friends didn't want me and my sister R.I.P Buttercup to starve any longer and thy bring me to there home and i'm still living with them today my sister buttercup went missing after us eating bad cat food in 2007 we didn't know it was bad at the the time we thy found out we started eating the only non recalled food that was dog food YUK 2 days after eating it she ran out side not feeling good and never came back I wasn't feeling good my self I think the good dog food saved me and my other roommates . < more info later

Oh if you like Bucky Covington and if your owner as a facebook you can join this group only if you wan't too > <