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animal Names: rip+teddy

Rip+teddy is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Rip+teddy? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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RIP Teddy

Teddy was the cuddliest, fuzziest, loveliest little hamster a little girl could ever wish for. Teddy's little human girl, Kenzie, adored him to no end.

When times got tough in our family, we decided to rent out our current house, and move to Grandma's winter apartment until we were steady money-wise again. During this time, Kenzie became old enough to get a dog. 5 years old. The problem was, the apartment wouldn't allow dogs. Kenzie cried and cried, until mom told her that she could get a small pet for now, until we moved back into the house.
So off to the pet store they went, to find the perfect little critter to love. That day, they found me. A hamster named Teddy.
My first memory was looking up at Kenzie and mom... They were both smiling down at me. I felt so warm and loved.
"What should I name him?" Kenzie said.
"I don't know." Said mom.
"How about I name him... after a president?" Kenzie said.
"That's a good idea!" Mom said
I lifted up my head and sniffed the air with closed eyes.
"He looks like a Teddy bear." Kenzie whispered
"Teddy Roosevelt!" mom replied
"That's it!" Kenzie said, "Teddy! I'll name Teddy!"
... And that's how I got my name.

When Kenzie started school, I became very lonely. I waited all day until 3:30 pm, when Kenzie finally came home. Then we played together all the way until bedtime. Then I had to wait all over again for her.
Kenzie was having a tough time in school. Learning how to read isn't that easy, you know. Plus, she was battling Dyslexia. Mom, also having a bit of Dyslexia, decided to take Kenzie out of School, and home school her. This meant that I didn't have to wait until 3:30 at all! Kenzie would be able to hold me in her lap all day while mom was teaching her!
Kenzie and I grew unbelievably close. The power of love is indescribable. Nothing could move us apart. I loved this child! She was my whole world! Best friends forever. We did everything together. After school sessions, Kenzie and I would cuddle up and nap on the couch while watching Animal Planet everyday. We would practice piano together! She put me on the keyboard and watch me run up and down, and Kenzie would just laugh and laugh. Kenzie said my favorite song was Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring- by Bach. She would play it for me all the time, and I loved it.

I loved my life. Everything was perfect. But, somehow, something was missing. I didn't know what, but it seemed Kenzie knew. I needed a woman hamster. The love of my life.
And so, off to the pet store they went again, and came back with my beautiful girl. Trinity was her name. After Trinity from the movie, The Matrix. And boy oh boy, that name was perfect for her. She was not like me. Not a gentle, innocent soul. No, she was the boss of me. Trinity owned me. I was her slave. I was absolutely crazy for her, none the less.

Trinity and I got married and lived in separate houses. I became a proud father, and Trinity took protective care of 9 little babies. Some did not make it, and i was devastated, and some we sold to wonderful families, and I was proud. There was one of my sons we kept forever though. His name was Bill. Bill was paralyzed from waist down, but it never kept him from being wonderful and strong. His life was brilliant, and out lived all his siblings.

I was then the happiest Hamster in the world. I had a human best friend, a wife, and kids, who all loved me so, and I loved them with all my heart. I wanted it to last forever. I wish that my life would have been longer.... but it wasn't as I wished. I had a disease. I was born with Wet Tail. I became very sick and weak. Even then, Kenzie still loved me. She still took long naps with me cuddled by her side. I died in mom's hands that night.

Mom took me from my cage that night. I was weak and sick, but even then, I resembled a teddy bear. She carried me into her room, and laid down in bed with me. Kenzie came into the room to say good night. She knew I wanted to see her before I passed.
"Teddy is so cute." she said
"Yes, he is." Mom replied
Kenzie leaned over the bed and gave me one last kiss
"Good night, Teddy bear."

Those were the last words she said to me.
I was the happiest teddy bear in the world, right up until the last moments of my precious life.

RIP, Teddy bear