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animal Names: rocket

Rocket is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Rocket? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Border Collie

My name is Rocket Dawg, but most people just call me Rocket or Rocky. My name is a bit boyish but it matches me 100% because I'm faster then a rocket!

My mommy found me near the cities's Aqueducts that my mommy lives by. She was so sweet when I went up to her and she took me right home. My mommy spent hours on the streets looking for lost dog posters but no one put any up. Eventually my mommy put up a few posters of me and we did find my previous owners. They were really poor and older people so I didn't want to go back. Amazingly the people who owned me admitted they couldn't take me back because they were moving to a home for the elderly and so they granted my mommy full ownership of me!
I still get to see my old owners at the home they're in sometimes but it's wonderful living here. If only I could get rid of Lucy, I'd get more attention!

Things I like to do :

Chase cats
Howl at those damn sirens
Steal toys from Lucy
Eat Lucy's food
Go for Looooong walks
hunt with my mommy, those ducks are fun to catch!

Things I hate :

Bath time. It makes my fur all clingy.
Lucy. God she sooo annoying and steals all my stuff! What a brat.
Young kids. If they are under 13 I don't like them because they are too hyper. I get mad when they try to ride me and they wont leave my tail alone unless I growl at them. Thus, no kids are allowed near me.
Being Muzzled. I have to wear a muzzle when we go to public places so I don't bite other dogs. I only put up with Lucy because I know how happy my mommy is with having her. Other dogs beware!


Get that camera outta my face! I just want to cuddle with my daddy's clothes or his feet or his lap or anything him. I am spoiled and a little whiner. I know I'm loved though because I get to sleep on the pillow and I get the more kisses than anyone well maybe not more than Huggie.