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animal Names: rockie

Rockie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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This is Rockie our little teacup chihuahua. he loves riding our golfcart, and being held., and oh chicken chips.

Shih Tzu

Hi. Please let me reintroduce myself. My name is Rockie. I wanted to re-invent myself, too. You know something like an Irish Wolfhound or a Doberman or a Rottie, but mom said that would never work – my legs are too short! So I am a Shih-Tzu. A very happy and loving Shih-Tzu. I am really good at manipulating my mom and dad into giving me pupcorns, belly rubs and car rides and I rarely bark. When I bark, it’s kinda like E.F. Hutton, everyone and I mean everyone listens. Mostly they say, what was that? Was that Rockie? Just the strong silent type, I guess.

I came to live with mom and dad in September 2006. Mom and my gramma drove all the way across Florida to an animal shelter near Ft. Lauderdale to get me. I actually picked them. Mom was in the courtyard looking at about 5 little guys like me and I came over and laid on my back in front of her and then I went over to gramma and kept pawing the air in front of her until she picked me up. Humans are so easy. Gramma spent all the way back home picking ticks off of me. We were home about an hour when my dad got home from a trip to South Dakota. It was love at first sight for both of us. Besides the ticks, I was very underweight. I have no front teeth and mom thinks that I wasn’t able to eat the food that the shelter put down for me. I’ve really got her trained now. She cooks for me 2 times a day and feeds me on a blue plate. Yep, I get the blue plate special twice a day, everyday. And my weight has doubled! The vet says I am just where I should be now.

I have my own dog-bed. I store my toys in it! Who wants to sleep in a dog-bed, when I can take over my humans’ bed? It really is amazing just how much room a little guy like me needs! I lay with my head in the middle of dad’s back and my bottom has to be touching mom.

Most of the time, I stay home with dad and help him watch TV and stuff. I fit right beside him in his big chair. But, I go to work with mom every now and then and I get to see my bff’s Mia and Karma. They are beautiful Goldendoodles and you can visit them on Cuteness, too.

I also get to go for walks in the neighborhood. Everybody knows me by name. They call mom “Rockie’s mother.” I have a harem, too, including 2 Pekes, 2 Chihuahua’s, a Wheaton Terrier and a cute little Shih-Tzu mix. In the winter, I have even more friends who come to visit from the northern states, Canada, England, and Germany.

I am really excited to be back on Cuteness with all of my friends, whom I dearly love and have missed terribly these past couple of weeks. One of the best things about coming back is that I can go back through and give cutie points again. That’s awesome! So hold on, I’m coming! Coming to visit and to spread love and friendliness and to have fun.

XXOO, Rockie, Rockster, Rockstar, Rockie Rotten Pup!