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animal Names: rosalie

Rosalie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hello =^-^=

My name is Rosalie, I'm a shy cat which has already been through a lot...
I was born on a sidewalk, and lived on the street with my brothers & sisters; my mom was run over in front of our eyes..

One day, there came a woman who took us with her in a box.
Initially we had fear, but a few minutes later, the woman picked us up from the box and we were in a room with even more cats:
We got a home!

My brothers, sisters and I lived happily at this house of cats.
But someday, a family came into our home and took my siblings with them...
I was alone with the other cats from now on.

I lived a long time at this house, and shorter times at some other houses... other peoples... every few months I had to go to the next family.
It was awful.

At least I was back at this house of cats.
Even there were different cats since the last time. I was very confused about these changes...

I withdrew more and more, and I winced at every noise...

But someday, there was a girl at my home, she stroked& played with the other cats, and I watched everything.
Sometimes she actually came to me and sayed my name, I have not dared yet to come closer to her, but I kinda trusted her.
Every day I've seen her, I came closer.
One day she stroke me, and at the other days I've 'allowed her' to play with me =^w^=
She was very nice to me.

Two weeks of love later, she took me with her at her home.
That wasn't a big problem, I just trusted her 90%, so.. :D

Since that day I live here with Jacky, a very lazy cat =^.^=
We play every day, and he's my best friend :D

So.. that was my story :)
There won't be too much pictures of me, because I don't like the Camera, its so creepy =o.o=

But a few are possible I think :D

~Rosalie =^.^=