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animal Names: rowan

Rowan is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Australian Shepherd

Rowan is the newest addition to our little doggy family. I have wanted an Australian Shepherd since I was a child and I have finally been able to fulfill my dream. Her name is Gaelic for "little red-haired one" which we thought was fitting since she is a red tri Aussie. She is only 10 weeks old right now and has already mastered many basic obedience commands and has amazing focus. She will start her agility training in less than a month. I plan on competing with her not only in agility, but also frisbee. She is still working on eye coordination though so training for frisbee won't be for a while.


My family got me from NOAH when I was just a little kitten. I used to be normal sized and very hyper when I was little but 17 pounds I spend my days lounging around the house chewing on anything plastic, I just love the feel of plastic between my gums! I also like the way my white fur looks on anything Dark. Oh and if you leave your clothes on the floor I would be more than happy to pee on them for you! Anything to help.........