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animal Names: rowdy

Rowdy is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Golden Retriever

Hello! My name is Rowdy. My favorite things are biscuits and walks. In fact, every time my mom or dad of human sister and brother say the word "walk" or "biscuit" I perk my ears and do my dance thingy! everyone calls it my "dance" but its actually a excited begging walk. I lift one paw and put it down then lift another and put it down but I do it fast so it looks like a dance!
I love my human sister Lydia the most. She pets me and gives me attention and lots of BISCUITS! Yum, just thinking about it makes me drool! my human brother Ben is SUPPOSED to feed me dinner at 6 but takes him FOREVER to remember and I have to go do my excited begging walk in front of him to get his attention! Gosh, humans sometimes!
My favorite movie is "Marmaduke". I like it because Marmaduke is a really big doggie who isnt mean, and I'm pretty big and everyone always asks "Does he bite?" to my dad. No I don't bite! Geeze!
My favorite family story is when I got a BIG PACK OF BONES for Christmas and I was so excited that I ate them all in about 10 minutes! When my dad came in, the look on his face was hilarious! BOL :D

Labrador Retriever
Yorkshire Terrier

Rowdy is the youngest and smallest of my four dogs. I have Jazzy, a Westie, Pixie, a rescued Yorkie and my son's St. Bernard, Motorhead, He is also more attached to me than the others. He is hardly ever out of my sight. He weighs 4.5 pounds. He's a sweetheart. His best friend, other than me, is my 19 month old grandson, Jack.


My name is Rowdy! I am Sweetie and Dolces cuz, but we are close like brothers and sisters! I was rescued along with my brother simon by my aunt Erin and she gave me to her brother because he needed some one to love and to love him back, My dad and aunt say Im a heck raiser, but i just like to have fun!!!