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animal Names: rumbles

Rumbles is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hi! My name is Rumbles. Im a 9 month old orange kitty. My mommy gave me the name Rumbles because ever sense i was a baby i would always throw my paws up and try to fight. Mommy also calls me Squirrel because sometimes i go crazy and run all around my house and i get a puffy tail. If my water is in a bowl i will flip it over. I only drink my water out of the sink but i always put my paws in it to test it first. I also am always curious what my mommy is drinking so ill put my paw on her cup so she lets me look then i steal her straws =]. Sometimes when mommy takes me out side i get off my leash and run away, that scares mommy so i usually stop running when she's after me. I know im a cat but i love water! Everytime mommy is in the shower i jump right in with her. I also LOVE boxes, i love to hide in them and when mommy walks by i jump out and scare her! Well thats all for now! Got any more questions about me? Just ask my mommy!