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animal Names: sadie+mae

Sadie+mae is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Sadie Mae

Sadie is 16 yo. Rescued her and 2 sibs out of dumpster in trash bag.She was less then 4 weeks old.Is spoiled and if food or water is not to her liking will flip her bowls! she was spayed at 3 months,and is still very active for being almost totally blind now.She has me trained perfectly.

Sadie Mae
Domestic Longhair

Sadie is a rescue kitty from a friend who tried to take her life. The police called me that night and told me to come get her (my friend's) son and her cat. Well, fortunately, my friend pulled through after 3 mos in a coma in ICU and another friend took her son for me. But I kept Sadie, who has been a much happier camper here. When I first met Sadie, she was shy and somewhat fearful. Now she is a lover and very sweet and pretty too. Sadly, she was recently diagnosed with diabetes so we have put her on a modified diet and are treating her for her diabetes to the best of our ability. Sadie is a trooper and is holding her own. She is the one girl in a family of 4 kitty brothers.