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animal Names: sake

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On October 3rd, we adopted a beautiful 16 week, 3 day old Seal-Point Siamese/Ragdoll kitten who was called "Sharky" by his foster mom, later to be renamed "Sake" by us. We fell in love with him right away, after he curled up in my hair and fell asleep on my shoulder. It wasn't until after we got home, that we noticed that he hadn't been tested for FIV or FeLV.

From the moment we adopted this sweet, wonderful boy, we saw that he was never healthy. In fact, it seems like he never had a healthy day in his whole life. At his first vet appointment on October 7th, he was checked for worms, which came back positive. And his ears were covered with ear mites on the inside. We also tested him for FeLV/FIV, which came back negative (although that test would later prove to be a false negative, but I digress).

Sake was treated for worms but still had diarrhea, so the next fecal test on October 21st showed that he had coccidia. Back on medications for that. He was also at that point, found to have ringworm. Yet more medications. Another fecal test on October 27th showed that both the worms and coccidia were finally gone.

November 9th, we brought him to the vet with swollen lymph nodes. His bloodwork and lymph node biopsy showed that he did not have lymphoma, much to our relief. On Wednesday, November 25th, Sake had a fever and was given fluids subcutaneously. He was also given a blood test to check for a "fever of unknown origin". On Saturday, November 28th, I brought him to The Hope Center in Vienna because he had a very high fever. The vet there noted that his breath sounds were raspy and she said that she was guessing that he had FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). She treated him, and I took him home, hoping the medication would help him feel better. I ended up bringing him back to The Hope Center at 3:30 am on Sunday, November 29th because he was having trouble breathing. He was getting more and more sick, and the vet said that the FIP wasn't going to get better. At 11am that morning, my family and I make the heartbreaking decision to put our beloved baby boy to sleep. When the nurse brought him in and we finally saw him, he started purring the most wonderful purr I'd ever heard. I will forever treasure how happy he sounded to see us. My kids, husband and I took turns holding him and loving him before he took his last breath. It wasn't until a few days later that we found out that he did, in fact, have Feline Leukemia.

This has devastated my family, especially my 11-year old daughter and me. My daughter became depressed, not concentrating on schoolwork (and is still treating the ringworm she caught from him), and I've been struggling with crippling anxiety, especially regarding the health of my other cat, Sushi, who played very closely with Sake. He at one point bit her tail, and she needed to be treated with pain medications and antibiotics, and while she initially tested negative for leukemia, we still won't have a better diagnosis until later on this month. For now, it's just a waiting game.

We miss Sake every day. He was a beautiful, sweet, cuddly baby, and even in the 57 days he was in our lives, he left such an impact.

The agency dropped the ball on this. They are liable. We wanted more than anything to save this sweet little baby and have him in our family forever. He didn't deserve this. We didn't deserve this. My KIDS did not deserve this.

Protocols need to be followed...please make sure the adoption agencies test for FIV and FeLV. All this heartbreak could have been prevented with just one test. It's the agency's responsibility to test.