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animal Names: samuel

Samuel is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Lesser Jerboa

Samuel is my only jerboa from the wild.

He is extremely sweet and curious. Such a sweetheart <3

He lives together with Houdina :-)


We brought Sam home from a local shelter when he was app. 2 months of age. We believe him to be a mix of a black lab and a beagle. He looks just like a lab, but never grew any larger than a beagle.

He is the most wonderful, loving pet a person could have. He loves being by his people. He is calm when he needs to be and energetic and playful when we want him to be. He loves to play soccer, frisbee, and fetch. If he can't get his people to play with him, he is content to entertain himself with playing a combination of soccer and football. He is great at defense (none of the other dogs are allowed to play with his ball), he has great ball control (nose to ball), he plays hut, hut, hike with his front legs, and he gets a very good aerobic exercise from playing. He can play for great lengths of time, but as soon as we bring him back into the house he is a lounge puppy.

Sam is a great therapy dog. He helps alert me to changes in my health condition and is always there when I am feeling low and need a friend.

Unfortunately Sam has a fatal form of cancer that they are unable to effectively treat so we are giving him the best life he can have for as long as he is healthy enough. It will be devastating to send him across the Rainbow Bridge, but we feel honored to have him as long as we can.