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animal Names: sawyer

Sawyer is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Sawyer? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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American Staffordshire Terrier
Domestic Longhair

My name is Sawyer and I was named after a character on the tv show "Lost". Just like my namesake I can be sweet and charming or quite a naughty boy. I have quite an attitude and wont back down from a fight. I take delight in chasing a 6 year old member of my extended family. He thinks he can scare me HA! I show him. He usualy takes off running in fear with me chasing close behind. Other times I am just a laid back dude. Currently I am getting adjusted to the newest member of my family: " Desmond." He is an ok sort of a pup. He and I often enjoy a tussle and romp through the house. Although he doesnt compare to my favorite 4 legged friend. "Binky". She and I met this past summer while my owners were waiting to get into our new house. We spent a wonderful summer together and she stole my heart. She is a petite little peek-a-poo. pup. I love washing her and playing with her . I was quite depressed when she and I parted ways but am glad we get to visit now and then.
I live a pretty good life. I was adopted when I was only 6 weeks old from a animal rescue place called "The Good Shepherd's Cat Sanctuary . My owners adore me and spoil me rotten. They even set me up with my own facebook page! My favorite cat treat is whiskas and I am a bit of a picky eater. I love clean bowls and wont eat out of anything not up to my standards. I spend most of my time lounging around the house, as my owners never let me outside. Not that I wouldnt want to sneak out for a wild time in the great outdoors! I did in fact spend a glorious two nights out on my own last christmas eve. Boy were my owners ever worried! haa haa !
I also gave them quite a scare the time I decided to take a long catnap in a closet. My poor humans couldnt find me for nearly a day. I was just enjoying the solitude and quiet. When they finaly found me I just stretched and strutted out like nothing was amiss at all. Silly humans!