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animal Names: scamp

Scamp is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Scamp is an old man (well to me) and he is a schnauzer poodle mix. He is full of energy for such an old guy, and he loves all other dogs, cats and would never even hurt a fly. He is deaf, as of this last year, which is good in some ways as he never barks anymore.


HI there! My name's scamp! But it wasnt always so... My mommy got me from one of my grandma's friends! Where I was living with my two sisters. I was suppose to be a gift for grandma's friend's niece, but she thought I was too ugly for her to keep. That made me sad, then grandma's friend kept me for a little while she even named me reese's pieces, but she had a hard time keeping up with me and my sisters, so she gave me to grandma and mommy. I was so scared, and unsure what was going on. But mommy changed my name, she said I looked sort of like the dog from Lady and the Tramp 2. So she named me scamp, but I dont mind! I get lots of cuddles and affection from her and daddy! Plus I have two new siblings! Coby doesnt like me playing with him too much though, he's a little grumpy, mommy says its cause he's getting older. But I can play with bear! She's younger then me and like's to steal my rawhides, when I'm not looking! I get in trouble sometimes, cause I like to jump up on everything, but I know that mommy and daddy still love me no matter what! I love my family.