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animal Names: shaymin

Shaymin is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Shaymin? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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African Pygmy Hedgehog

Shaymin is my first hedgehog. She was adopted with her brother named Tom. At that time we adopted the two though, we thought Shaymin was a he. (never trust the pet store workers!) So, she and Tom accidentally had babies! Three little ones, and boy was it dangerous for her, but boy was it beautiful to be able to take care of a family of such strange and exotic cuties :) She had 2 boys and one girl. We raised them, and a year ago an exotic animal adoption organization took the two boys and their father, Tom in to be re-adopted to new loving families with less hedgehogs :)
Shaymin and her daughter have been living together since she gave birth, and got along very well. However soon enough the little girl, who was the runt, passed away for reasons we thought had to do with her genetic makeup, being that he father was her uncle. There is a memorial page for her on here, little Hazel RIP.

Shaymin is a sweet hedgehog who for most of the daytime likes to sleep in a cozy 4" PBC pipe in her large cage. Grasshoppers and meal worms are her favorite snack as an omnivore, however they must be freeze-dried! Shaymin has been litter trained and therefore lives a quiet life with infrequent cage cleanings and warm baths only when she needs it. She loves to explore sometimes, and so with a human's close watch she can scamper around with as much freedom as she pleases.
I guess you could say she's a retired mother, or at least spoiled to her great delight :) Comment if you'd like, I give you my word that this little soul is as sweet as can be.