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animal Names: shep

Shep is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Shep? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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German Shepherd

I am a rescued German Shepherd who loves my mommy very much. When I was first rescued, I was terrified of people as I had never had any human contact. But the girl who was to become my mommy worked very hard to let me know I could trust her and before I knew it, I was the most people-friendly, attention-loving dog ever! I lost a leg after I was rescued due to an old injury I received while growing up in the woods, but I can run and jump and play with no problem. I can even keep up with my crazy brother and sister when we play in the yard. Mommy describes my personality as being a cross between Disney's "Goofy" character and "Scooby Doo"! I know Shep is not a very creative name for a German Shepherd, but my rescuers started calling me that before they named me and Mommy didn't want to confuse me when she was rehabilitating me so she decided to keep the name. However, she told me I was so handsome that she would make my whole name "Dr. Derek McDreamy Shepherd" after one of her favorite TV characters. Haha!