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animal Names: shiitake

Shiitake is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hi, My name is Shiitake and I live with my kitty brother Pokii and doggie roomies Kaillee,Bobo and Morie..I was given to my family because my mommie feel in love with me when she first saw me when she was working in a hotel and the guest just gave me to her cause thIs other family I was living with was traveling all the time and it was hard for me so my mommie took me to her house to live and I am a happy kitty now...I am an indoor kitty cause were I live there are mean coyotes and they may eat me so my mom keeps us all in the house...the doggies go out to go potty and then come back in...anyway I hope to meet alot of animals and wish everyone a Happy New Year