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animal Names: sith

Sith is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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American Shorthair

Born March 30, 2010 at 9:45pm

I am Sith, born at 9:45pm Tuesday March 30, 2010 on a full moon, the first black cat of the herd, the only color missing. I am named Sith because the circle is now complete. But always 2 there are with the Sith.

I'm pretty much just me. I lead and I follow, love to play and get my attention and eat. :P

1-26-11 I like to chase now that I'm a teen. I'm pretty darn fast too.. unless I'm chasing Tips. She makes everyone but Creature look slow :P

4/07/11 Neutered! Bleh! They had to spay me to neuter me :P I had cryptorchidism or retained testicle so they had to go in through my belly :(

5/21/11 I officially weigh 12 lbs o_O

9/4/2011 I may have the temperament to be a true alpha. I just need to work on my dog-fending skills. Priss is doing well though :)

11/8/2011 I officially weigh 14 lbs o_O

6/28/12 I officially weigh 15 lbs :P This makes me 3rd largest.

Nicknames: Sitherines, Sitherino